Reece Bowen


Alongside doing Web Design, I have also taken an interest in Photography. I started using a camera in 2017 when I went on a Photo Walk hosted by a famous photographer on Santa Monica Beach. I asked my Mom if I could borrow her professional Nikon camera, the D810. At 15 minutes in, I immediately started to know how to control a camera and was able to create some beautiful pictures in no time at all.

Since that day, I have looked into various types of photography. As a Christmas gift, Mom gave me a Nikon D5600 to start out with, and I loved using it. From Urban to Landscape, photography has turned into more than just a hobby. I have even started to study Photography at my community college and will continue to study it for years to come.

As I have been developing more skills in photography, I have started to become better at it every day. Today, I now use a Nikon D750 and sometimes a Nikon D810 in my photography work and I love using them. Recently, Mom has begun to hire me as an associate photographer for events and portraiture work that she doesn’t have time to do. Thus, allowing me to put my skills into a paying side job.

Many more photos will be on the way here as I continue to practice photography in my free time. This website is completely dedicated to my photography work so that I have a place to show my work in full size. If you want to learn more about me, be sure to head over to my main website at reecebowen.com.